Learning Environment

Redding Achieve applies the principles of “Best Practices” to develop positive behavioral support systems. We use a team approach to communicate fair, firm, consistent, predictable sets of expectations that all students can follow. We maintain professional commitment to each individual student’s success. We employ a variety of techniques and strategies that provide structure to guide and support students in learning to use new and more effective behaviors (Target and Replacement behaviors are identified for each student.)  Students develop self-control and skills to enable them to meet their own needs appropriately. We promote learning success and we expect and encourage appropriate behavior.

Our system includes:

  • Intense staff/student ratio to ensure close monitoring and support

  • Crisis intervention

  • Ongoing staff development

  • Teaching school behavior expectations

  • Positive reinforcement through a points and level privilege system that provides:

  • Regular feedback

  • Positive reinforcement through verbal praise and social rewards

  • Social skills instruction

  • Positive, proactive discipline

Students’ academic instruction is but a part of their daily learning. Social skills are highlighted throughout the day in a whole group, small group, and individual settings. Students’ behavioral progress is assessed daily through a point/level system. Students earn points each day, with points awarded for successful completion of specific behavioral expectations (Learning, Following Directions, Social Interaction, and Accepting Feedback) throughout multiple times  each day. The number of points earned at the end of each day determines the student’s progression through the level system. This progress is monitored through an online tracking system.

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